Aventure Sports

  • Rafting
  • Con niños
  • Escalada en hielo
  • Monte Perdido
  • Via Ferrata



Meet the most beautiful parts of the Pyrenees enjoy this fun and refreshing activity.

Whether you’re a beginner or you have an advanced level you can immerse yourself in the environment of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. Canyons Level 1, 2 and 3, we also dry ravines.

Hiking and Excursions

The Pyrenees is the mountain ranges that offer greater variety of possibilities to practice climbing and hiking.

The trails are very simple and with little slope excursions can observe the natural setting of Torla and the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.



Sport climbing, traditional climbing, ice climbing and ridges can benefit from any of these methods whether you are a beginner or you have an advanced technique. Torla and Pyrenees offer great places to practice sport climbing.


Available in the two rivers suitable for this sport, the Ara River and Rio Ésera. The Ara River has 40 km inland, is the only river in the Pyrenees which is preserved in the wild. You can practice this sport with friends or family.



Your top is ours. Can you reach the highest point.

You’ve heard of Monte Perdido ever?

From Torla you can plan and carry climbs to three miles.

Winter Activities

Some sports can practice them throughout the year, but in winter we recommend:

Snowshoeing excursions, where you will find spectacular natural landscapes. Downhill skiing, mountaineering and ice climbing.


Celebrations and Carnival

On October 12, the festivities are held in honor of the Virgen del Pilar. The paloteo and jacks are similar to those of the villages of the region.
However, it is exclusive to the villa Torla Rapatan traditional dance. Carnivals in February are a feast of great anthropological value.


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